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The HP e3000 is the backbone of your business, so we understand that you’ll need solutions to help you keep the data it houses safe and available. Pivital Solutions offers a full range of solutions to help you efficiently and cost-effectively get the most from your e3000 system.

Remote Hosting

Our remote housing solution lets us manage your HP e3000 server at our location. You get all of the benefits of an experienced e3000 professional, plus freedom from worrying about managing the hardware and the operating system. Our core services include monitoring, patching, restoring, and keeping the system up and running. Plus, we take a “smart growth” approach to bandwidth needs – building only what you need now and adding more bandwidth as your performance needs change. That’s infinite scalability made easy and e3000 management made cost effective by Pivital Solutions.

Remote Management

Can’t find a qualified system manager? Planning a migration or conversion project from the HP e3000 to a new platform? Like most companies you need to focus your internal resources in areas of competency or on key projects, but at what cost to your existing operations? If your IS staffing resources are taxed by the HP e3000 or MPE/iX requirement or pulled away by other projects, you can’t afford to drop the ball on your HP e3000. Call Pivital Solutions and we can provide the necessary support staff to keep your e3000 running smoothly.


Implementing a new application is a major effort. The issues involved in data cleansing, formatting, converting and preparing for upload are time consuming and exacting. So why not outsource your migration needs to Pivital Solutions? We have a proven track record in data migration projects – from the initial proposal and project planning phase, through data analysis and mapping, to development and testing – leading to a successful implementation and even providing post-migration support.

Disaster recovery

We understand that the e3000 is mission critical for your business. That’s why we provide a set of hosted and managed backup and disaster recovery services, including disaster recovery planning, so you are always ready for unforeseen threats or unexpected events. In addition, we can quickly assemble a “critical situation resolution team” with the specialized skills needed to help you recover from a critical situation.

Long-term access

Pivital can help you meet compliance regulations for business critical data with our long-term access solutions, including remote hosting, data migration, and system space rental. The latter is Pivital’s unique plan where we provide access to your data, when needed, on a secure shared server at our facilities. Need it fast? We can provide access to your system with as little as one-day notice.

Media conversion

We know that business processes and media evolve and change. Therefore, we can provide a copy of your most active tape volumes and copy them to a new tape volume on a different media type. Platforms we support include reel-to-reel, DLT, DDS, and cartridge. Please enquire about any additional platforms you require – we will work with you to make it happen.

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