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At Pivital Solutions, our goal is to help our customers maximize their investment in their HP e3000 system. One of the ways we do that – in addition to our high level of customer support – is by providing a comprehensive range of technical services.

Installation and Related Services

Our goal is to make hardware installations and upgrades painless for our customers. Therefore, we ensure that our technicians add value to your e3000 support contract by applying their extensive experience in:

  • Migrating legacy applications
  • Operating system installations and patches
  • System design and integration
  • eBusiness integration
  • Database administration/design
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Web development
  • And more

Whether we’re installing a complete infrastructure or simply adding a peripheral device, our technical service team will do it right the first time.

Education and Training

To help you make the most of your HP e3000 system, we offer courses tailored for system support personnel. All courses, available at your site or in the Pivital Solution Education Center, provide hands-on training to impart knowledge and skills that you can take away and use immediately in your work environment. Ask about our recommended courses, or let us design a curriculum especially for your company.


Are you planning a migration or conversion project from the HP e3000 to a new platform? Like most companies, you need to focus your internal resources on the project, but at what cost to your existing operations? Through our outsourcing services, we can provide the necessary support staff to keep your e3000 running smoothly until you have completed your conversion. We know the HP e3000 and its MPE/iX operating system inside out, so you can trust your e3000 to us from project start to completion.

Performance Optimization

Another key goal is to keep your HP e3000 system running at peak performance. Pivital Solutions offers a total assessment of your IT environment. With the information and insight we obtain, we will make informed, targeted recommendations on how to improve the stability of your system and maximize system uptime. For example, we’ll analyze CPU, memory, and disc utilization; review databases for potential capacity issues; analyze and test back-up and restore solutions; review the process of recovering lost data and your disaster recovery policy. Armed with the information, we can advise on how to get the maximum return on investment from your e3000 system.

Questions? Contact us to learn how Pivital Solutions can support the long-term use of your e3000 system with our technical services.

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