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HP e3000 Support – Coverage and Service Levels

1260787_20061053From our technicians in the field to the technical advisors in our support center, everyone at Pivital Solutions takes a customer-focused approach to solving technical problems – and that is reflected every day in our support coverage and service levels.


Pivital Solutions specializes in not only the hardware maintenance of the HP e3000, but also the phone-in software support for the MPE/iX operating system and add-on products. As such, we are able to solve a wide range of e3000 issues. Most importantly, our technicians understand that some hardware problems – such as disk drive replacement – aren’t as simple as just swapping out one disk for another. The MPE/iX software must also be reconfigured in order for the new hardware to work properly. That’s just one example of how Pivital Solutions raises the bar of quality for HP e3000 support.

We extend our e3000 support coverage throughout the continental United States and beyond through partnerships with Atlantic Tech Services (ATS) and AMTEK Computer Services. Like Pivital Solutions, ATS and AMTEK have established a strong client base with the reputation for offering excellent HP support services at very reasonable prices. Our partnership is seamless: call one hotline number and speak directly with our support staff, and if required we dispatch a Pivital, ATS, or AMTEK technician.

Service levels – with a response guarantee

Our service level agreements are flexible, guaranteed, and can be customized to your company’s needs. We can provide complete support coverage for both your HP e3000 hardware and software, including the MPE/iX operating system, IMAGE databases, and any other related software. Features of our service level agreements include:

  • Hotline phone support is always available 7x24x365.
  • Support options include term, time and materials, dispatch, and on-site contracts.
  • Matching of any PSS or CSS agreement item for item.
  • 2-Hour, 4-Hour, same day, and next day service level agreements.
  • Hardware and software support is available 24 x7x365.
  • Available for depot service and will in many cases provide parts on site where necessary.
  • Custom designed service level agreements are available to meet your requirements.

Most of all, Pivital Solutions stands behind its SLAs with an ironclad guarantee. We back up all our agreements with our Response Time Guarantee – a no questions asked $250 refund for each occurrence if we cannot meet the expectations set forth in our agreement.

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