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Supporting the HP e3000 is our business – but we take it beyond technical support to offer other value-added services to help e3000 customers with their business needs.

Excess hardware removal

Do you have hardware that no longer meets your needs? Pivital Solutions can quote you a price for us to purchase your surplus of systems or components outright. In most cases we can provide you a price within 24 hours.

Looking to sell your gear directly to another end user? Let us help you. We can reach out to our customer base to help you find a buyer quickly and cost effectively.

Equipment recycling

Pivital Solutions cares about the environment – and our customers who need the often hard-to-find parts for the e3000. All of the surplus equipment we purchase is recycled in some shape or form – either placed on the shelf for future sales, re-used in our refurbished systems, or transferred to a certified recycler.

Certified data destruction

Let Pivital Solutions provide the peace of mind that all of the data on the HP e3000 servers we purchase or recycle will be destroyed and not fall into unauthorized hands. Through our certified data destruction service, we will destroy data on the disk drives, provide certification of destruction, and dispose of the disk according to your compliance requirements.

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