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Looking to acquire or replace an HP e3000? Even though new e3000 servers are no longer available from HP, Pivital Solutions offers refurbished e3000 servers and all related peripheral items. All equipment we sell is eligible for our support and service plans.

Why the HP e3000?

The HP e3000 platform is legendary as a powerful business server that meets the increasing need for speed for business processes and sharing information in the Internet age. With its three levels of availability, the HP e3000 supports Internet and e-services solutions with:

  • Robust 24/7 system availability with built-in fault avoidance
  • High availability for rapid recovery
  • High disaster tolerance
  • Increased memory sizes to at least 16GB

The range of e3000 models is flexible enough to support a company’s business needs anywhere from a single user to several thousand. Most of all, the e3000 has a “workhorse” reputation for reliability and ease of maintenance and support. That’s why thousands of companies are staying with the e3000 instead of migrating to newer HP server platforms – even after HP ended its support.

The advantage of buying from Pivital Solutions

Pivital Solutions adds value to purchasing a refurbished HP e3000 because we:

  • Buy, sell, lease, and rent equipment
  • Accept trade-ins toward your purchase
  • Offer a complete line of peripherals, including memory, drives, and printers
  • Offer a warranty on all of our equipment sales

Most importantly, Pivital Solutions has its own team of service technicians ready to install, service, and support every HP e3000 product we sell. And all sales qualify for our high quality support and service plans.

Contact us to inquire about our current inventory of refurbished HP e3000 equipment.

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