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1260787_20061053Reliable and powerful. And the right size and speed for your business. Pivital Solutions understands why HP e3000 customers don’t want to migrate to another system – and we make it possible for them to keep their preferred e3000 running reliably despite the end of HP support. It’s our business – our only business.

The Pivital difference: HP-authorized access to e3000 code

Pivital knows the e3000 inside out – and we have the HP-authorized access to e3000 code to prove it. Pivital Solutions is among an elite list of support vendors cited by HP as e3000 End-of-Life Licensees (LINK TO PDF) as of January 1, 2011. This provides read-only access to the e3000 operating system source code enabling us to enhance our delivery of system-level technical support. As a result, we can deliver an even higher, more targeted level of technical support for the e3000 – and that means you can depend on better performance and reliability of your e3000 system now and in the future. Learn more about the HP e3000 transition program here.

More reasons to choose Pivital

We know that you do have a choice when it comes to engaging a support organization for your HP e3000. That’s why Pivital Solutions sets itself apart by focusing on our customers’ business needs beyond the technical fix. In addition to support based on HP-authorized access to e3000 code and other technical specs, we also provide:

  • High quality service with a guaranteed response time throughout the SLA
  • Technical expertise backed by two decades of experience with the HP e3000
  • Expertise and service for both the e3000 hardware and MPE/iX software for comprehensive support
  • Realistic terms in our service agreements – we won’t promise response times that are impossible to deliver
  • Support personnel who will answer your questions and address your e3000 issues in plain language – not techno-speak – so we can help you develop a support plan that truly aligns with your business
  • Additional services such as hardware sales and takeout services designed to help customers more easily manage every aspect of HP e3000 ownership

Extend the life of your HP e3000

Official HP support for the e3000 ended on 12/31/10, but you can extend the life of your workhorse HP e3000 with confidence with support from Pivital Solutions. Let’s talk and discover how Pivital Solutions can become your trusted HP e3000 support partner.

Learn more about HP e3000 support coverage and service levels

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