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Pivital Solutions is committed to quality technical support and fast response times to your HP e3000 application issues. Our Response Time Guarantee backs all support plans: If you do not hear from us within our guaranteed response time, we will issue you a $250 refund per call, no questions asked.

If you are running a minimum of a Year 2000 compliant release of GrowthPower® or MANMAN® and have the rights to the source code, the following support options are available from Pivital Solutions:

Basic Plan

Our first tier plan directly replaces the standard hot line support and reduces your costs by as much as 40%. A month-to-month support service option is available for a nominal 10% fee.

Basic Plan

  • Complete 24-hour per day, 7-day per week support
  • Guaranteed! One-hour initial response time during standard business hours (Monday through Friday from 8 AM EST to 10 PM EST)*
  • Guaranteed! Two-hour initial response time outside standard business hours
  • Daily status report on all open calls
  • Support available via email, fax, telephone, or our web site
  • Access to your own online " My Pivital" site for information specific to your installation
  • Access to our Online Knowledge Base will be included as soon as it becomes available

Basic Plan for Customized Installations:

  • The entire Basic Plan
  • Review of your current level of customization to determine the appropriate additional annual/monthly support cost
  • 20% discount on our daily rates for new customization, provided we can offer the customization as standard "off-the-shelf" code to other organizations.

Extended Plan

Our Extended Service Plan is designed specifically for companies requiring continued application development. The annual rate for this level of support reduces your annual service costs by as much as 30%.

Extended Plan

  • All of the benefits of the Basic Plan
  • An extensive list of "off-the-shelf" codes from which to choose
  • Credit of up to 50% of your annual support rate to apply towards "off-the-shelf" code
  • Credit of up to 20% of your annual support rate to apply towards new code customization that could be offered as standard "off-the-shelf" code to other organizations
  • Discount of 20% on daily rates for any other customization project

Extended Plan for Customized Installations

  • The entire Extended Plan
  • Review of your current level of customization to determine the appropriate additional annual/monthly support cost
  • Additional 10% discount on our daily rates for any other customization project

Premium Plan

With this comprehensive option, Pivital Solutions becomes the corporate help desk for your HP e3000 application installation. Our Premium Option adds remote system management and an on-call knowledge resource to any plan you choose, all at a typical savings of 15%.

This plan is ideal if you have difficulty recruiting individuals with extensive product experience, or if you do not want to dedicate valuable resources to hiring full-time, on-site expertise. Since we handle all maintenance on your system, all you have to do locally is change the tape and add paper.

Premium Plan

  • Annual support rates typically 15% less than your current rate
  • Remote management of your application installation
  • Help desk for all your application questions
  • Discount of 25% on all Pivital Solutions services
  • Additional discount off selected Pivital Solutions products (ask for details)

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