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ADDVantage™ is a suite of products that can be used for reporting, warehousing, and archiving of HP e3000 data. The most exciting opportunities exist in its ability to provide Web access to all your data. With ADDVantage you can leverage your HP e3000 data into a more powerful and valuable asset.

Data Collection

Your software package will generate superior results and higher return on investment when it operates using accurate, real-time data instead of out-of-date information caused by delays in manual data entry, lost paperwork, or employee keying errors. An increase in on-time, accurate data can be achieved by adding data collection to your current environment. 

Pivital Solutions can enhance any HP e3000 software application to work with wireless handheld devices. Increase your productivity and your data accuracy by taking your data entry terminal to your product. Point, scan, and done! It really can be that easy.

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