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HP e3000 Consulting

1144735_14336563The HP e3000 is the workhorse of your business, so we know the importance of keeping it technically sound. But we also know the importance – and business benefits – of using your e3000 to its fullest advantage as a business information system to support your corporate goals and strategies.

That’s why Pivital Solutions offers IT consulting services. Our consultants are not only experts in the e3000, but also bring experience and knowledge of today’s information systems as a whole. As such, they will confidently analyze your e3000 system and your business processes before developing a custom plan for enhancements and improvements.
Our consulting services include:

  • Business systems application consulting
  • Business systems project management
  • Definition of requirements for add-on or replacement products
  • Documentation
  • Education/curriculum services
  • Evaluation of current information systems
  • Expansion and upgrade of existing system functionality
  • Help desk service
  • Information system planning
  • Maximization of existing business systems use
  • Replacement product matching service
  • System implementation project management
  • Telephone support

System Alignment

This specialized consulting service revolves around developing a three-to-five year plan to better align your e3000 and other information systems with your business objectives. Our consultants take a hands-on, “in the trenches” approach to find – and make informed recommendations to fix – the disconnects between business processes, business system configuration, and short- and long-term operational goals. As a result, your company will be better prepared to leverage your existing e3000 system to take advantage of new information system strategies.

Application Conversion

Are you considering replacing your corporate business applications, or having trouble converting data from your e3000 to another platform? Our consultants can help you make informed decisions on how to proceed in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Pivital can provide expert application conversion services from the initial proposal and project planning, all the way through implementation and post-implementation assistance.

Education and Training

To help you make the most of your HP e3000 system, we offer courses tailored for system support personnel. All courses, available at your site or in the Pivital Solution Education Center, provide hands-on training to impart knowledge and skills that you can take away and use immediately in your work environment. Ask about our recommended courses, or let us design a curriculum especially for your company.

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