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It’s not just about the hardware

The HP e3000 hardware and the MPE/iX operating system are not separate entities. They’re so tightly integrated that it is often difficult for customers to tell us if they have a hardware problem or a software problem. Pivital’s technical support technicians have a comprehensive knowledge of both e3000 hardware and MPE/iX software, so they can get to the source of problem – and fix it – faster than typical hardware-only support vendors.

Case in point: Replacing a failed disk drive involves far more than simply swapping out the damaged drive for a new one. In most cases, the MPE/iX operating system must be reconfigured or reloaded from the SLT in order for newly installed hardware to work properly.

The Pivital Solutions advantage

Pivital has the advantage over hardware-only support vendors in that we have access to and two decades of experience with the source code for the MPE/iX operating system. That means our HP e3000 customers can be confident that we can troubleshoot and fix failures with the same insight into the MPE/iX software as corporate HP technicians. But Pivital will be there for the long haul – long past the end-of-life deadline – to ensure that support for your e3000 and MPE/iX operating system is only a phone call away.

Learn more about our support coverage and service levels for the HP e3000 and the MPE/iX operating system.

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