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1097851_90567777You rely on the consistent performance of your HP e3000 for mission-critical business processes. But since 12/31/10, you can no longer rely on support from the manufacturer. So who can you turn to for fast, professional, guaranteed support whenever this workhorse system does need maintenance, repair, or parts?

Pivital Solutions.

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Providing technical support for the HP e3000 and its MPE/iX operating system is our business. Our only business. We are experts in all of the technical intricacies – both hardware and software – of the e3000 because we have gained our expertise as an HP reseller and third-party support partner since 1991.

We also know that our customers don’t want to hear techno-speak when they call in for support. So we “speak your language” and answer questions or explain an e3000 support solution in terms you will understand. Plus, our support level guarantee ensures that we’ll stand behind every SLA and do whatever it takes to meet your response needs.

You still trust the HP e3000 with your business. Trust Pivital Solutions to keep your HP e3000 running at peak performance for many years to come.

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