Pivital Solutions, Inc.



Founded in 1991, Pivital Solutions specializes in providing customer-focused technical support and IT services to companies using the HP e3000 server platform beyond the manufacturer’s end-of-life. We’re different because supporting the e3000 and its underlying applications is our only business. 

We stand out from the crowd with our customer-centric approach to technical support. While our technical experts excel at keeping e3000 hardware and the MPE/iX operating system running at peak performance, our ultimate goal is to help e3000 customers maximize their return on investment and minimize total cost-of-ownership.

As an information systems partner, we offer a unique blend of technical and business expertise combined with keen insight into system design improvement. But what really sets us apart is our firm commitment to customer satisfaction. Every support contract is backed by our Response Time Guarantee – and we never promise anything we can’t deliver. Our customers tell us that they appreciate the quality of our technical support and that our technicians “speak their language” when answering questions or discussing support issues. That’s why earning our customers’ trust is our greatest measure of success.